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Our History

In 1971, Daniel M. Fistere, Sr. purchased a 10-acre parcel of land on Partnership Road (formerly, Reddick Road) on which to build a home and establish a Quarter horse farm. Daniel called his new property Honey-Acres, naming it for his foundation bloodline mare, Tabano Honey. In 1974, an adjacent 20-acre parcel of land was purchased in order to grow hay to support the horse operation. In 1975, the first 4 head of cattle were purchased from a local farmer, Mr. Hershberger. The original herd has expanded over subsequent years and can often be seen grazing in nearby pastures by visitors to the farm today.

In 1986, the farm was expanded further with additional 30-acre purchase of adjacent land. This acreage was part of a larger, 130-acre tract of land owned by prominent Washington businessman and real estate mogul, William M. Rickman, Sr., who originally purchased the property on speculation. The new acquisition by Honey-Acres included a large horse barn with indoor riding arena which Daniel leased out as an equine boarding facility for many years. The majority of the acreage was put into hay production. The remaining 100 acres of the Rickman's original tract were ultimately donated to the Montgomery County Park and Planning Commission in 2001. This parkland provides a scenic and spacious backdrop to the blueberry-picking experience that our farm offers today.

In 1992, Daniel and his wife, Wendy, joined the Montgomery County Agricultural Easement Program to protect their 60 acres from residential development and potential urban sprawl in future generations. As a result of Montgomery County's nationally recognized agricultural preservation programs, Montgomery County has successfully preserved approximately 70,000 acres of farmland, which contributes over $250 million to the local economy.

Over the past decades, the farm has focused on a variety of agricultural operations including horse boarding, beef and hog production, custom farm work (tillage, planting & seeding, mowing, haymaking services for other farms), and the production of hay for resale. Honey-Acres Farm has utilized the latest agricultural technology in its custom farming operations including John Deere no-till conservation tillage and planting equipment which have helped to minimize the impact of agriculture and erosion on the Chesapeake Bay.

Farm at Home blueberries
One of Daniel and Wendy's sons, Steven C. Fistere, having grown up playing a major role in the farm business and working for several years at Homestead Farm, sought to take advantage of additional agricultural related opportunities. In 1999, at the age of 16, Steven researched, designed and planted a 2,000 plant blueberry field utilizing modern technology, such as computer controlled drip-irrigation and raised beds. Steven chose to grow blueberries because they were not being grown on any other nearby "pick-your-own" farms.

In May 1999, Steven also founded, an Internet company specializing in the marketing and home delivery of premier farm-fresh, picked-to-order fruit and vegetables. The online site was officially launched on the Internet in May, 2000, and for the next six years, provided customers with the opportunity to purchase the highest quality produce through its strategic relationships with local farms including the well-known Lewis Orchard. Each order was custom harvested, and delivered directly from the field to customers' doorsteps throughout the Metro area. During the off season, Steven also partnered with a Florida grove for the winter home delivery of citrus fruit.

As the original blueberry planting began to mature into full production and with ever- increasing costs of operating a home delivery business, Steven decided to focus his efforts on expanding the pick-your-own blueberry operation utilizing the FarmAtHome name.

Steven graduated Magna Cum Laude from American University's Kogod School of Business in Washington, D.C. in 2005 and subsequently earned a Master's Degree there. Steven works full-time as a CPA at a public accounting firm in McLean, Virginia.

Steven devotes much of his free time to the farm, where he recently built an 18th Century Williamsburg style home. He plans to expand the farm with additional offerings as his parents enter retirement. He hopes to some day restart his original FarmAtHome delivery service.

When you visit the farm, you will likely be greeted by Steven who enjoys conversing and interacting with customers to ensure they are having an enjoyable time.

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