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We plan to send out a weekly e-mail, detailing the picking conditions during the season, to those that join our mailing list. Please call (240-372-0674) or e-mail us with any questions, and check out our pictures here: FarmAtHome Photo Gallery.

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:: 2018

The cool early spring weather is expected to delay the beginning of our 2018 blueberry season (as compared to last year) until June 23rd. Last fall we began accumulating and aging wood chips, with the goal of mulching our fields. As we mulch, we are also updating our irrigation system. The farm will look a little different this year with the spring replacement of our barn roof, now red.

:: 2017

As a result of the low blueberry load on the bushes during 2016, the plants flourished for the remainder of the season. We invested in additional bird scare devices in an effort to mitigate the risk of bird damage. We utilized 8 bee hives for pollination in the spring and had a record season of picking between June 17th and July 9th. We also successfully introduced our first evening blueberry picking which we plan to continue periodically in the future.

:: 2016

Picking began on June 18th and ended very early on July 2nd. The abnormally warm early Spring temperatures followed by a late Spring freeze reduced the number of berries and increased the bird pressure on berry crops. We did not have any bee hives for pollination because many were lost over the winter. Our 2016 blueberry yield was only a small fraction of our average yield and picking was scattered for most customers.

:: 2015

Picking began on June 20th and ended July 18th. A lot of rain (especially on the weekends) brought bountiful yields and wet picking conditions.

:: 2014

Picking began on June 21st and ended July 13th. 8 honey bee hives were used for pollination and our 2010 planting was in full production. We invested in bird scare balloons to reduce bird damage and generated a great yield.

:: 2013

Picking began on June 23rd and ended July 14th. With the hot July weather we offered earlier picking times beginning at 7:00am. The first blueberries from our 2010 planting were harvested.

:: 2012

The warm early spring weather resulted in an early start to the season! Picking began June 16th and lasted until July 7th. The season was cut short by storms (including the derecho which destroyed many of the ripe berries) and the hot weather.

:: 2011

The 2011 blueberry picking season began Saturday, June 18, 2011 and lasted until July 17, 2011. 2011 was our most productive season yet with over a 50% increase in blueberries harvested.

:: 2010

The winter blanket of snow was beneficial to the blueberry bushes and blueberry fields (insulating the blueberry bushes and flattening prior year undergrowth). We continued to expand production by planting additional bushes during the spring, and by digging an additional irrigation well.

With the warm spring weather, the first blueberries of the season ripened early and we opened for our first day of picking on Sunday, June 13, 2010. The 2010 blueberry picking season lasted until July 17, 2011.

:: 2009

The Spring weather provided the blueberries with an abundant supply of rain and nutrients. Our first day of picking was Saturday, June 27th, 2009 and the picking lasted until July 12th, 2009. The 2009 season was shorter than usual due to warm temperatures and the lack of rainfall during the latter portion of the blueberry season. In response to a number of requests, we offered a selection of various fruits and vegetables already picked.

:: 2008

During 2008, FarmAtHome expanded its future blueberry production capacity by planting 1,500 additional blueberry plants of various varieties. Our first day of picking was Saturday, June 21, 2008 and picking lasted through July 20, 2008.

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